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Darby Rangers

World War II Over-View

Darby Rangers

Colonel William Orlando Darby

The Leavenworth Papers

3rd Battalion Official Dates of Record

1st & 3rd Battalion
Presidential Unit Citation


The Lucas Decision
Not to Advance Still Haunts Anzio


The 'Angels of Anzio'

Cisterna di Latina

Cisterna di Latina

Battle of Cisterna di Latina

Cisterna with a Devil at her feet

The German War Machine at Cisterna; 1944

The German Conduct of Operations
Italy 1943 - 45

Stalag IIB

The Worst POW Camp in Germany

Hauptmann Springer:
The Butcher of Stalag IIB

Location of Stalag IIB
East Prussian German Empire

Stalag IIB: Final Report

Liberation of Stalag IIB

Twice To Freedom

Memorial Pages

S/M Freddie Robertson
(LSI) HMS Royal Ulsterman Memorial Page

MSgt. Lloyd O. Hyatt;
1st Ranger Battalion Memorial Page

2nd Ranger Battalion Memorial Page

Sgt. Robert Lyle Cunningham;
3rd Ranger Battalion Memorial Page

1st Lt. James Cooney;
4th Ranger Battalion Memorial Page

Colonel Max Schneider
5th Ranger Battalion Memorial Page

Lt. General Walter Krueger
6th Ranger Battalion Memorial Page

83'd Chemical Mortar Battalion
Memorial Page

2002 Memorial Salute

Award of Excellence

The Thomas Dewey Jones Award

General Information

Things they carried into war

OSS & Italian Partisan Resistance

Darby's Rangers: The Movie

Our POWs & MIAs in God's Hands

3rd Division Medals of Honor
Near Cisterna di Latina 1944

Caves of Ardeatine 1944

Bill Mauldin WWII's Greatest Cartoonist

Military Records at NPRC

What the Heck is V-Mail?

WWII Ration Book

Audie L. Murphy

Mail Bag
Bulletin Board

Mail Bag & Bulletin Board

History Channel Network Store

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1st & 3rd Ranger Battalion; Darby's Rangers in Italy WWII