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MSgt. Lloyd O. Hyatt; 1st Ranger Battalion Memorial Page

1st Ranger Battalion

1st Battaion Ranger
 Lloyd O. Hyatt

Master Sergeant

Veteran of Three Wars

' Rangers Lead the Way '

Ranger Master Sergeant Lloyd O. Hyatt
Interned Hibbing, Minnesota

By Mike Hyatt

Lloyd Orlin Hyatt (my Father) from Hibbing, MN. was drafted and reported to Ft. Snelling, MN. on 4/7/1941 (RA37026586).He joined the 34th Inf. Div. with at least some of his training at Camp Clairborne, LA.

He was later sent to Ft. Dix, NJ to be shipped to Ireland on 4/30/1942. He volunteered for, trained and was accepted as a member of Darby's 1st WWII Rangers 'C' Co. 6/22/1942.He served with the 1st Ranger from North Africa to Cisterna, IT. where he was taken prisoner on 1/29/1944.

As a POW he was sent to Stalag 7A for a short time and later to Stalag 2B. After a forced march east out of Stalag 2B as Russian forces approached, he was liberated by British troops.Iden, FR. is where he reported to Mil Control, 5/8/1945, with a POW number 23337.

From there he was sent to LaHarve, FR. known as "Camp Lucky Strike" and returned to the USA in May, 1945 where he spent recovery time at Camp Chaffee, AK.

He was "demobilized" 8/27/1945 as a 1st Sgt. (1812) and immediately enlisted in the Army Reserves.

He reenlisted into the regular army on 11/29/1949 at Duluth, MN. and sent to Korea on 1/23/1950.

 While with the 24th Division he was wounded, 2/6/1951, and sent to Japan for recovery.Remaining in the Army he attended NCO academies, was a football referee in Germany and was an NCO club manager.

His last tour of duty was again in Korea where he died, 1/11/1962.

Many thanks to all the individuals and organizations for helping me learn of my Fathers time as a WWII Ranger.

Proud Son;
Mike Hyatt

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