Warriors for Christ

Your Freedom
 Brought to you by the US Military

'Lest We Forget'
The Cost of Freedom is Vigilance!
And Vigilant Always...We Must Remain!

-Let each and everyone of us take this very moment to pray for the safety of our troopsin harms way tonight or today as we read this. Pray for those brave men and women who place themselvesat risk so that we may be free to enjoy that Freedom. Let us pray for those brave souls who lost theirlives during all of America's armed combats at home and abroad.

Let us pray for the victims of the recent 9-1-1 attacks on America and for our great President George W. Bush during these times of trouble...may his wisdom and faith persevere

And most of all let us pray for World Peace;
But let no individual or nation or group or organization misunderstand our prayers as a sign of weakness.

America desires peace but as a people our nation is a sleeping giant and once awakened we shall rise up for the cause of justice and pursue those who would see freedom destroyed; Let us pray that we do not have to make that decision lightly; but, if America does...let us pray that our  aim is ever true and that our efforts shall last but a short time to restore order to the world.

And that it is the soldier, sailor, marine and airman who detest war the most and who are called upon generation after generation to pay the greatest cost.

We salute that sacrifice and owe a debt we can not ever fully repay. -Bob Price

A Grateful Nation says Thank You.
May God Give Rest to the Souls of fallen Heroes and Comfort to their  families.

U.S. Army Rangers from Hunter Airfield in Savannah, Ga.,
carry the flag-draped coffin of fellow Ranger Marc A. Anderson
after his funeral service at St. Raphael's Catholic Church
in St. Petersburg, Fla., March 11, 2002

Thank You Veterans & Families for Your Sacrifices

" On a Great Warrior... "

When all the sky was wild and dark;

When every heart was wrung with fear,

He rose serene;  and took his place,

The Great Occasion's mighty peer.

He Smote armed opposition down.

He bade the storm and darkness cease.

And o'er the long-distracted land

Shone out the smiling sun of peace.

A Silent man in friendship true.

He made point-blank his certain aim.

And, born a stranger to defeat;

To Steadfast purpose linked his name...

Warriors for Christ

-Bob Price/Webmaster

Poem: 'On a Great Warrior'
1904 Edition; Poems of Henry Abbey