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Hauptmann Springer:
The Butcher of
Stalag IIB
According to Military Intelligence Documents dated  15 July 1944
Springer stands accused for the execution of at least 10 POW's at IIB

The hunt for Hauptmann Springer Kommando Officer at Stalag IIB continues:

Special: We have contacted some noted Nazi hunters who have had
great results in this field. But, their initial research costs are prohibitive.
So, we continue with our own research avenues.

European resources have made contact; the Anti-Nazi Leagues in England;
and sources in Switzerland and Geneva, Brussels and Paris with some positive results.

This site is working to obtain information on Springer from:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center
The Inter-Agency Working Group on Nazi War Criminals
International Red Cross at Geneva Switzerland
and other government and non-government agencies

If you were a POW at Stalag IIB......please print this page above
and forward your sketch to us for use in identifying Springer


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Florida Group on the heals of War Criminals

© St. Petersburg Times, published April 9, 2001

MIAMI -- For decades, Richard Krieger has devoted himself to tracking down suspected Nazi war criminals in the United States. Although that job isn't finished, the former State Department official is spreading his net wider these days. He is on the lookout for modern-day war criminals from Latin America and other parts of the world who have also found sanctuary in this country.

"One of the concepts I am committed to is, 'Never Again,' which came out of the Holocaust," Krieger said. But he says the concept is not limited to the Jewish experience. "It should mean the killing fields of Cambodia, or the brutality of Idi Amin, or Yugoslavia, or Rwanda, and you can go on and on."

Krieger is head of International Educational Missions, a small but politically well-connected group based in Boynton Beach, dedicated to ridding the country of foreign torturers and war criminals.
- If you have information about suspected war criminals or want to contact IEM, mail may be sent to: PO Box 740-300, Boynton Beach, FL 33474-0300.

For more information:  

Information from The Implementation of the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act;  An Interim Report to Congress

The Allies created the United Nations Commission for the Investigation of War Crimes (subsequently the United Nations War Crimes Commission, or UNWCC).
The US Army established the Central Registry of War Crimes and Security Suspects (CROWCASS) that within three years of its creation in 1945 processed 85,000 "wanted" reports, transmitted 130,000 detention reports to investigative teams from a dozen countries, and published registries of persons being sought for crimes against humanity.

The US Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) had the major responsibility in the US Zone of Occupation to identify and apprehend war criminals.

During just the first ten months of occupation in Germany the CIC apprehended some 120,000 Germans listed for automatic arrest. This group included top Nazi leaders, members of the SS and Gestapo, high ranking officers of the armed forces, and suspected war criminals. The CIC was equally busy in the American Zone of Occupation in Austria.

The Allies established the International Military Tribunal (IMT) at Nuremberg which rendered its judgment on twenty-one top officials of the Third Reich on October 1, 1946. The Americans later tried an additional 177 men at twelve subsequent proceedings at Nuremberg. In addition, the four-power Control Council for Germany authorized each of the powers to hold subsequent trials in its zone of occupation. Consequently, the US Army tried over 1,700 individuals at Dachau for concentration camp crimes and other crimes, as well as extradited numerous suspects to Poland and other countries to stand trial.

The Control Council adopted Law No. 10, based on the same principles as the Nuremberg Charter which defined "crimes against humanity" and "war crimes."

The Nuremberg Tribunal declared the SS to be a criminal organization guilty of persecuting and exterminating Jews; of brutalities and killings in the concentration camps; of excesses in the administration of the slave labor program; and of mistreatment and murder of prisoners of war.

In defining a war criminal Law No. 10 stated that "a person is declared to have committed a crime if he was a principal; or was an accessory to the commission of any such crimes or; abided or abetted the same or; took a consenting part therein or; was connected with plans or enterprises involving its commission or; was a member of any organization or group connected with the commission of any such crime..."

At Stalag IIB The following Individuals may fall within this Criminal category
as defined by Law No. 10 above:

Camp Commandant  - Oberstleutnant Von Bernuth
Camp Commandant  -  Oberst Von Keppler
Executive Officer  - Oberstleutnant Segars
Kommando Officer  - Hauptmann Springer *
Security Officer  -  Hauptmann Giesel
Medical Officer  -  Hauptmann Wagner *
Chief Censor  - Unteroffizier Krause
Lager NCO  -  Feldwebel Kohler
Kommando NCO  - Unteroffizer Wendorf

Springer was pointed out in Classified POW Interviews as being responsible for the executions
of 10 American POW's at Stalag IIB,  Kohler and Wendorf  were singled out
for the Mistreatment of POW's.  Krause is accused of harassment of POW's

Hauptmann Wagner is pointed out for his kind treatment of POW's

Editors Note:  Any former POW's in Stalag IIB who have first hand knowledge of the Abuse or Murder of their fellow POW's; and can provide an E-mail testimonial against any of the above named individuals are urged to write:


For more very interesting information on some Nazi War Criminals
and what did or did not become of them...

Visit the National Archives and Records Administration
Notes of the Inter-Agency Working Group

Excerpt: German Field Orders on the use of Firearms against Prisoners of War:

The service regulations for prisoner of war affairs do not provide for any warning shots.  Should the occasion for the use of firearms arise,  they must be fired with the intent to hit.

Information on 20,000 missing WWII POW's