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1st Battalion Darby Ranger Allen G. Bradbury Dedication Page

Web Site Awards

In Memorial
to Our Gallant Soldiers, Sailors, Merchant Marines,
Coast Guard
and Marines
Who Have Passed-Over.

These Awards
Are For ALL
And ALL...
 World War II

www.Darby Rangers.Com

"They have ceased. But their glory shall never cease,
Nor their light be quenched in the light of peace.
The Rush of their Charge is sounding still..."
-George Parsons Lathrop (Civil War)


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Week 6/24/01

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Veterans Against John Kerry
Veterans Against the Democratic Party for 2008

The Democratic Party decision to support John Kerry for President in 2004
in spite of his record of Treason against his fellow veterans and the USA
during the Vietnam war; when our men were still dying on the Battlefield makes it impossible for this web-site to endorse any future Democrats. Today is 3 November; the day George W. Bush saved the Honor of the American Veteran. The battle for the 2008 election starts today.

-Bob Price/Webmaster

Allen G. Bradbury/1st Ranger Battalion/FSSF forces Norway/Good Friends are more precious than Diamonds and Gold.