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Recommended Book List for Darby's Rangers

Beyond Valor
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Written By Patrick K. O'Donnell
World War II's Ranger and Airborne Veterans
Reveal the Heart of Combat
Simon and Schuster Publishing House

Darby's Rangers;  We Led the Way
by William O Darby/William H. Baumer
Major General W. H. Baumer based on research and interviews with William Orlando Darby before the D-Day invasion, Baumer was a West Point Classmate of Darby.
Presidio Press Edition: 1980 Wm. O. Darby/Wm H. Baumer
No LCC# Available

The Spearheaders
by James Alteri
Company Commander Fox Company 4th Ranger Battalion WWII Popular Library Edition: 1960 James Altieri
 Library of Congress Card Number: 60-7164

 Rangers in World War II
by Robert W. Black
Colonel R.W Black member of 8th Airborne Rangers Korea author of Rangers in Korea, field Commander & Vietnam Service.
Ivy Books - Ballantine Book Publication: 1992 Robert W. Black Library of Congress Card Number: 91-93162 ISBN 0-8041-0565-0

Commandos and Rangers of World War II
by James Ladd
Ladd is a Military Historian specializing in Amphibious Warfare; author; Assault From the Sea 1939-45,
well versed in Commando and Ranger activities in World War II
St. Martin's Press: 1978 James D Ladd
Library of Congress Card Number: 78-3125

Twice to Freedom
by Edwin & Mary Suominen
This is the Story of Stalag IIB and Ed Suominen POW
Morris Publishing: 1999 Ed & Mary Suominen
Library of Congress Card Number: 0-9677157-0-9

Military World

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