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 Ernie Pyle: America's Most Treasured Reporter

Pyle was a WWI Veteran who received the Purple heart
Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist and a Buddy to the 77th Inf. Div

Ernie Pyle's Grave Punch-Bowl Memorial Cemetery Hawaii
Photos used with Permission George Krauss
Historical Photo: Okinawa 1945
Photo used with Permission Ronald Moody

Three 77th Infantry Division sound taps over the newly built Ernie Pyle marker
Marker courtesy of the 1118th Combat Engineer Group; US Army Photo
(Photo Used with Permission Military Archives Photo)

The Ernie Pyle Memorial on Ie Shima Island 1954
Photo Courtesy of Curtis D. Craig

Ie Shima Island with the Okinawan Coast line below the clouds
by the US taking Ie Shima; the Japanese were denied an airbus in the area
and a staging point from which to launch a counter offensive. This is the Island
where Reporter Ernie Pyle was killed.
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