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Okinawa Links

 The Okinawan Times
Published daily in Naha Okinawa

  The Virtual Okinawa Site, web cams, military, everything Okinawan

  Okinawan Prefacture
All things government for Okinawa

G-8 Summit Home Page

  Okinawan Slug Site,
these critters are found off the coast of Okinawa

  Okinawa.Com all things Okinawan,
Recipes, tours general info

  Virtual Okinawa Ginza,
Recipes and culture of Okinawa

  Okinawa Hatzu, Live underwater camera, image reloads every 10 seconds camera is at a depth of 5 meters underwater at the Busena Resort Okinawa

  The Okinawan Globe
Daily News and Stories on Okinawa

  Okinawa is the Homeland of Karate
  Complete information on the Okinawan Karate - Do Federation

  Dive Okinawa...Dive into a different underwater world
Great Underwater Photography!
  Long Island University
Okinawa Center Japan, General info
History of the 1st & 3rd Battalion Rangers in Italy WWII
Collection of Art works including Western Art & Photos
World Wide Terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity
It is ALL Free....
Thank a Veteran Today!

Japanese Atrocities in China
And; China in the Pacific War

Great Information Here...
detailed history; maps and images
Pacific Stars & Stripes European Stars & Stripes Combined